Vynil came back, what about tapes?

Jake, here. Hopefully it isn’t odd/inappropriate that my first post isn’t actually about a particular track or group, but rather a medium for recorded audio. Anyway, two amigos of mine are working on a project that I feel like is noteworthy. I wanted to pass it along. For anyone else who is a Gen-Xer, you know how the cassette tape change the world. When I was young, I had stacks and stacks of tapes. It (is) was an amazing medium. I had a dual cassette boombox during my breakdancing phase circa 4th-5th grade that I brought with me everywhere. The term “mixtape” (i.e. the medium that launched careers for guys like 50 Cent), came from this quasi-obsolete medium. Without droning on for too long (apologies if I already have), please check out the kickstarter trailer for this fantastic film that my friends are attempting to bankroll. If you are feeling a little bit of the cassette in your heart during this holiday season, please go the extra mile and donate a bit of cash, as well. Peep the film below–

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  1. I had a little dual cassette boom box as well. I made so many mixtapes for friends. Or girls I liked, mainly girls I liked. I’d stay up for hours at night, recording and rerecording making it perfect. It was the way I recorded some of my first mixes as well. I had a tape recorder hooked up to my turntables. I still have those tapes. Even though I’ve gotten rid of the tape players. So cool.

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