Cousin Culo & Phi Unit | So Emotional…

Hello… So I’m Matt, Matthew, Matty, whatever. Jake asked me a month ago if I’d like to contribute. I said hell yes and then clammed up. I wanted to bring you something different for my first post, but what I wanted to write about/post was no where to be found on the internet, which would be no fun to come to a music site and not be able to listen to something. SO, I came up with another more accessible album. Cousin Culo (also known as Cousin Cole) and Phi Unit released this album of remixes on soundcloud around a month ago. It’s indie bands with a dance treatment. The individual tracks are really great, but the magic, in my opinion, is in the mixed tape. Which is the last track in this playlist. I find myself dancing around the house all by my lonesome and having a great time to this mix. I hope you do too…

Phi Unit & Cousin Culo – SO EMOTIONAL (Free Download) by COUSIN COLE

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